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Tips for avoiding intersection accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | Firm News |

There are plenty of driving hazards motorists need to make themselves aware of as they navigate Texas’s roads. Some motorists may think their risk of an accident is relatively low at an intersection where cars are often braked or slowing down and lights control the flow of traffic. This is not always the case.

TAPCO breaks down how intersections are actually one of the most dangerous areas for drivers, and how drivers can avoid accidents. By knowing what to make themselves aware of, motorists can keep their cars and insurance rates intact.

Use caution when making a right turn on red

When drivers make a legal right turn on a red light, it is vital that they check to see whether the car in front of them has cleared the intersection. Paying such close attention to cars streaming by on the left is all well and good, but a rear-end accident could result from devoting too much attention to the cars coming rather than cars that have gone.

Check for cross traffic

It is not at all unusual for cars to gun their way through red lights in the hopes of reaching their destination faster. For that reason, drivers should take a couple of seconds to look both left and right for oncoming cars before proceeding through a light that just turned green. A simple glance can prevent a major T-bone accident.

Stay in the same lane

Motorists should never change lanes while driving through an intersection. A car could be turning into the same lane from a cross street, and a side-swipe accident can easily happen if neither driver pays attention.

Stay vigilant for more than just cars

Cars are not the only way to get around, which means drivers have to look out for more than other automobiles at intersections. Pedestrians, cyclists and maybe even people on e-scooters also use intersections. Motorists need to keep their eyes peeled for anyone on foot or two wheels at intersections.